Monday, May 7, 2012

Dinner Menu II

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Dear dinner-makers and supper-fakers,

The first time I tried it, the menu post was well-received, so we'll try it again.  Here is the menu from last week!

Skillet Tamale Pie (One-Dish cookbook) and sour cream
Home-canned Green Beans
Orange Juice
Shortcake Berry Squares

Scalloped Potatoes (Make-Ahead magazine)
Steamed Brussels Sprouts
Chopped Kiwi
Frozen Chocolate Mousse

Easy Chicken Enchiladas and sour cream (One-Dish cookbook)
Grilled Eggplant
Baskin-Robbins Ice-Cream date for dessert (with a coupon of course!)
*as usual we used a whole chicken; we cut up the entire thing, prepping part of it for Thursday's meal, and turning the bones into broth - also for Thursday's meal

White Chicken Chili (Make-Ahead magazine)
Kari's Cornbread
Fresh Strawberries (picked a few hours earlier at our CSA!)

Friday - Moving Day!! (Navy delivered our household goods today!)
Leftover Chili and Cornbread
Strawberries and Oranges
Strawberry Mousse Jell-O

Saturday - Unloading Day!!
Teriyaki from a local restaurant
Brownies & Ice Cream

Skillet Tamale Pie
Our lovely table on the floor!
Frozen Chocolate Mousse had chopped sandwich cookies from Trader Joe's on top!
Spicy, cheesy enchiladas - served with plenty of sour cream, of course! 
I put a batch of bread dough in the fridge to rise overnight.  We shaped them
the next day while preparing the dinner.  It rose during dinner and while we went on a
leisurely evening walk, and I put it in the oven as the house was cooling down from the hot day. 

When we cut up the chicken for enchiladas on Wednesday, I threw the leftover
bones into the pot, added about seven quarts of water, and let it simmer overnight
and all day until we made dinner again.  Then we strained the broth, reserved a quart
for the chili on Thursday, and put the rest in the freezer.  
Leave LOTS of head room when freezing liquids in canning jars ... I've lost my
fair share of jars by over-filling them!  I'm paranoid enough now that I let them
freeze with the caps off so it can all expand, and then I put the caps on the next day.
Chili on top of cornbread, cilantro on top of chili, and in a few seconds sour cream
on top of cilantro! 
As usual, we ate all our meals on the floor on a rug Mr H bought.  
Mrs H



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