Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Barbecue Sauce Shortcut

Dear cooks who are all more prescient than I,

Have you ever realized at the last second that you didn't have something you needed for dinner?  Surely not; but it happens to me often enough! 

If you're planning to make some meatloaf, or a few steaks, or some pork chops and onions and just realized you don't have any barbecue sauce - fear not!  I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be for all men. 

Behold, you can make your own fake barbecue sauce very rapidly.  I always employ the method of honest cheating whenever I can to save time or a buck! 

Surprised Cook Barbecue Sauce
Homemade barbecue sauce is actually pretty easy, and you can get some great sauces with a few additional steps like sauteing onions and blending them ... but the point of this sauce is to save the day in just a few hasty seconds, so it's the bare-bones simple version - and it is oh so good.  Just cut out all the fancy parts and you have this short recipe! 

Spoon or squirt a cup of ketchup into a small saucepan (you can use store-bought or home-made).  Add a few spoonfuls of brown sugar and pour in a few tablespoons of cider or white vinegar.  Add a dash of hot sauce if you wish.  Heat to almost boiling, stirring very frequently or constantly.  

Serve hot or cold.  

Making up for lost time, 

Mrs H

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