Saturday, December 17, 2011

Graham-Cracker Cookies

Dear Christmas bakers and potluck-food-makers,

I randomly made these little treats to serve after lunch the other day, and my husband looked at them curiously and said he'd never had them before.

Never had graham-cracker cookies! I said.

It occurred to me that not everybody in the world grew up with this easy-to-assemble and even-easier-to-eat treat.

Lest any fellow readers be similarly deprived, allow me to share the simple recipe for what is the perfect after-school snack, picnic dessert, hiking treat, and an all-around quickly-assembled munchy.

Graham-Cracker Cookies
As noted above, these are easy and fast to assemble ... maybe you need a break from rolling sugar-cookie dough?

Graham crackers (1 whole cracker per sandwich-cookie)
Powdered sugar

Break the graham crackers in half to make two equal squares.

Pour powdered sugar into a cup or small bowl and add milk, one teaspoon or so at a time, stirring vigorously.  Make a thick frosting that is moist enough to adhere to the crackers, but not so runny it oozes right off.

Spread frosting on one square of cracker and sandwich the other half on top.  Let them set for a few minutes to firm up before serving.  Enjoy!


Mrs H

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