Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do You Believe ... ?

Dear sincere readers,

Surely I wasn't the only one who was ridiculously foolish as a child, right?

But I have so many examples from my own life that sometimes I do wonder if I had an exceptional degree of block-headedness.

I remember standing in the foyer of our little church when I was just a child.  I remember particularly that there was a book rack with a Clifford the Big Red Dog book on it.  I loved those books when I was growing up, although I found it a little hard to believe that any dog could be so huge, or so red.

It was probably this very book cover that inspired the following conversation that shocked me to my core.  This book was published in 1991, so if it was on the book shelf as a new book, I would have been about four or five years old.

One of the "big girls" approached me as we were all putting on our coats to go out into the wintery cold.  "Do you believe in Santa Claus?" she asked smartly, staring down at me from her great height.

I was appalled.

She was asking me this in church no less.  Now, I am not entirely sure if I knew who Santa was.  I remember scurrying to be on Christmas Eve in later years so I could listen for his sleigh on the rooftop, but I don't recall understanding anything about Santa at the time I was asked this momentous question.  But I sure did know what it meant to believe in something.

"No!" I told her emphatically.  "I believe in GOD!"

It was years before I understood what she meant.

Earnestly yours,

Mrs H

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