Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Free Advent E-Book!

Dear Christmas anticipators,

Women of Faith has provided a wonderful gift for you this Christmas - a free e-book!

"For centuries, Christians have anticipated Christmas Day with a month-long observance called Advent...

Celebrating the season of Advent keeps us focused on the most important reasons we celebrate Christmas.  A Family Advent presents guided heartfelt and thought-provoking devotionals with fun facts, journeys back in time, activities, and much more.  

Until December 31, 2011, you can download a copy of A Family Advent absolutely free.  It's our gift to you!"  

Download the e-book here

And there is even more fun to be had ... every day they are posting a fun little gift for you - a devotional thought, some trivia, or a special sale!

Click here to open the package and see what the gift for today is

With great anticipation,

Mrs H



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