Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snowflakes for You

To the beloved and affectionate audience,

I could not be more thrilled to bring you the download for today.

Perhaps you remember that once I posted about how I enjoyed hanging verses or inspirational phrases in my home to motivate me throughout the day?

One of your fellow readers is a talented, skillful graphic design artist.  It was from her that I got many of my more recent cards to hang in the house - inspirational phrases, prayers, and verses paired with beautiful artwork.    She hosts "homeschool mom" nights in her home, and always shares with us elegant cards to put in books or on our kitchen cupboards.

One of my favorite cards was hanging in my bathroom on the mirror - "I pledge to read the Bible every day."  Another card was hanging on my kitchen window - a prayer of warfare that I prayed over my husband continually.  (You have a lot of time to do this when you're washing dishes!)

And now she has created a delicate, frosty-snowy card with a beautiful verse for you!

This is just a preview!  The download link is below.  
You can print these on photo paper for the highest quality, but really any paper is just fine.  If you don't have a printer right now, just download the picture (.jpg) version and use it as a winter-themed background for your computer screen.

Many thanks to the Art Momma for contributing this wonderful artwork for all of us to enjoy!

Let it snow!

Mrs H

Rosie is all about the snowflakes
Free Download 

Snowflake Verse from Art Momma ... download the printable PDF file of the verse-card here.  

Snowflake Verse Picture ... download the picture (.jpg) of the card here, if you prefer to use it as a background image instead of printing.   



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