Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free Cookbook from Gooseberry Patch!

To kids from one to ninety-two,

Our download for today is a Christmas cookbook ... I love this darling little eCookbook! 

Here are a few of the festive holiday recipes included in the Gooseberry Patch Christmas with Family and Friends cookbook ... Butterscotch banana pancakes, savory chicken brunch bake, apricot oat breakfast,       Chinese chicken wings, sweet & sour meatballs, Vermont eggnog, bean with bacon soup, vegetable cheese chowder, slow-cooker stroganoff stew, Mom’s seafood gumbo, southern style cabbage, potluck potato bake, snowball cake, ultimate peanut butter pie, cocoa and coffee sheet cake, eggnog pound cake, fruitcake cookies, Mexican hot chocolate, frosty-fizzy punch ...

Hungry yet? 

The cookbook is available for free for now; these deals don't typically last long so download immediately if you think you'll want it! 

This eBook downloads for the Kindle, but if you don't have a Kindle reader don't worry - you can download a Kindle app for free so you can read the books on your PC.  

*If you view the page and it shows a dollar amount for the book, that means the free offer has expired.*

If you do not have a Kindle: It's simple to download the app, and with all the free Kindle books and games you can download it is definitely worth it!  

First, download the free app by clicking the link above and following the instructions, using your Amazon account e-mail and password.  

Then, click on the Gooseberry Patch link above and click the "Buy" button.  Either: Toggle over to your Kindle app and look in the "All Items" section (there will be a few free books already downloaded for you here).  Click the Gooseberry Patch book and it will begin a brief download, then open.  Or: after you click Buy Now, Amazon will show you a confirm page and you can click "Read Now in Kindle Cloud  Reader."  

Enjoy your new recipes! 

The weather outside is frightful ... but the free downloads inside are so delightful! 

Mrs H

even more goodies! 

After you've downloaded your Kindle reading app, pop over to the Free Collections and see what else you want to download for free! 



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