Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Master Plan for Today (Free Downloadable!)

Dear readers,

Last fall I decided I needed to be able to visualize my daily plan better than just scribbles in my household management book.  I drew out plans to use every morning and then after a while I created them in the computer so I could print them, and eventually came up with several different versions to serve my various purposes.

I like to memorize verses and write the new one down for the day on my schedule and so I created a space for that; but you could write down any inspirational phrase you liked, if you aren't excited about memorizing!

I kept these papers usually on my table or in the kitchen with my calendar, and referred to them throughout the day.  It's useful to have a place to collect all the thoughts and chores that fly through my brain, and I like being able to check things off when I'm done - that extra feeling of accomplishment!

I also found these useful as a sort of record - I could flip back through the last few days and recall things I had done, hadn't done, or purchased, et cetera.  Hopefully these can be as useful to you as they are to me!

Organizing what we can and categorizing what we can't,

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Free Downloads

Daily Master Plans by Mrs H ... 
Version One - the basic plan 
Version Two - the basic plan with blogging tasks
Version Three - a day with exercise
Version Four - a day in the kitchen
Version Five - a busy day with chore list  
Version Six - simple boxes



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