Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Educational Packs for Little Kiddos

Dear cozy carolers and late-night chocolate drinkers,

Do you have little ones at home?  Do you know some dear sweet children (always innocent, never naughty), that would love to do some fun Christmas-themed pre-K activities?

I found some awesome little educational Christmas activities online that you can download and print for free at home!  Turn school into a Christmas activity.  You could print up a pack and give it to a mommy with little ones, or print it up and do it with your own kids or some special dibbuns - kids you babysit or miniature relatives.  The links to download and print the activities are posted at the end of the blog.

If you wanted, you could make a night of it!

Start the evening off with frothing hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows - as many flavors and colors of marshmallows as you have young'uns, perhaps?  If you're really intrepid, maybe the kiddies can make the marshmallows with you!

Lay out some Christmas sweets to get the rascals on a sugar high, especially if they aren't your own kids and you're sending them back home later.  Maybe some hot, airy beignets, or some jellied sugar and spice drops.  You could go simple with some chocolate dreams, and roll out a few sausage balls on toothpicks for something savory.

Then, let the fun begin!

To all a good night,

Mrs H

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Rosie wants to do activ

Free Downloads

Christmas projects for little hands ... fun patterns, simple math with Christmas themes, cutting practice - these are the activities that we lived for when we were little.  School was always fun when it involved colors and scissors!  Download the free pack here.  

Christmas and Nativity Pre-K Packs ... download more adorable preschool packs here - practice letters and reading with colorful characters from the Christmas nativity!  



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