Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Downloads Continue!

Dear patient readers,

My apologies for not posting your free links yesterday - we ran into some little technology problems which involved me kicking over a quart jar of peaches onto the laptop ...

Puts a fresh perspective on the term sticky keys.

Anyway, here are your free downloads for yesterday and today, and a bonus link for your patience!  Thank you for not throwing me to the wolves and giving up altogether ... Oh what a great thing is grace.

Also, I know you are anxiously awaiting the winner of the giveaway of Serve the People - you mystery person you, your name will be announced tomorrow!! (I don't even know who you are yet!)

With haste but definitely no waste,

Mrs H

Free Downloads

Yesterday: 7 Gifts Downloadable Notebook ... Ann Voskamp has created this fun week-by-week guide to record the gifts in your life that you are thankful for.  Print, fold, and share with your family for a new Christmas tradition!  Download it here.  

Today: Free photo editing software ... Need to edit all those Christmas photos?  Upload them here and edit online for free!  This is a fabulous resource!  Check it out here.  

Bonus link because you are so patient: Wanna-read booklist by Mrs H ... Maybe you've been reading book reviews here on the blog, or maybe you've been visiting the bookstores for Christmas shopping, or maybe you just always have a list going - don't forget a single book here.  There are two versions: one where you can make comments on the book you want to read ("recommended by Mom") and one without the comments.  Download the version with comments.  Or, Download the version without comments.  



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