Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Almost) 1,001 Nights: A Hotel Story

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To those who love a continental breakfast included with their overnight package,

This is a story about hotels.

One hotel, two hotel, three hotel floor!

I spent the last one-hundred and forty days traveling the US and bouncing between hotels and homes.

 Five hotel, six hotel, seven hotel more! 

Like the great Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, my world travels inspired me to put finger to keyboard and the words of choleric passion flowed.  Yes, I just compared myself to two of history's greatest poets while I hardly understand enjambment myself; no, I do not think it was fair or appropriate of me to do so.

With a hotel here and a hotel there, here a bed, there a bed, everywhere a bed-bug!

And so this is, more or less 1,001 Nights: A Hotel Story

The Navy is definitely one way to say
You've seen the whole country the 'Merican way.
It's been four long months of intense world-travel
Flying and driving with clothes books and chattel

There's much to be said for the choices at Quality;
They do their own part to compete with the Holiday.
A continental breakfast that's nearly two-star -
Why wouldn't we keep coming back here for more?

This inn won't let you check in until seven;
This place will turn you outside by eleven.
This one has WiFi and TV to boot,
This one's just part of a migration route.

Aha, this place offers a special discount,
For those of us with a convenient account.
Triple A comes in more handy than not,
For those of us wanting a vacation spot.

The ol' Lazy J was a star of its own;
Some might call it festive but that's overblown.
It's just simple lodgings but this much is true:
The nearest alternative is too far for you!

I've seen just a few of our finer hotels,
And I've seen even more of our tiny motels.
I've participated in more than my share
Of regular standard small-microwave fare.

But there is a place where I frequently stayed
And it's not as nice as is often portrayed.
This place is no Mariott that much is sure,
And the rooms can't compete with what Hilton offers.

The Sheraton has a leg up on their service,
And few large hotels offer such a small breakfast,
But the cheapest and closest to what I love best
Is undoubtedly 'ssuredly the great Navy Suites.

Now listen my children and you shall hear,
The final great truth, my word please revere! 
Hotels can be oh-so-much fun to come visit
But they're really not all that much fun to come live at. 

And so it is that a hotel's greatest advantage is also its greatest disadvantage: it is not a home!

But it's better than the alternative ... stay tuned for the surprise ending to an unplanned pizza party.

Mrs H


  1. Join the Navy! ...and [your wife can] see the world!!!

  2. You are living the dream!
    Home is where your Dear Husband is!




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