Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet the IncrediParents!

My dearly beloved readers,

And you are so dear to me, because you are the only thing in my life that hasn't moved in the last four months!

Seafoam and I are in California now.  Her auntie and uncle, the IncrediParents, live here and graciously offered us a place to stay for a little bit while we look for apartments.  They welcomed us both and treated me just as if I were family, too.  They're doing their part to support the US Navy - and I can't imagine a bigger blessing; I've pretty much had my fill of hotels ... both the bland microwave dinners, and the hefty price tags!

We were able to bless the IncrediParents in a way, too.  They already have a three-year-old son, and IncrediMom had given birth only four months ago and had surgery the day before we arrived.

Did I mention she gave birth ... to quadruplets?

That's right - they went from one kid to five kids overnight!  Top that!  This courageous mother is my hero.

 She can literally feed all four at one time.

I don't ever want to hear you complain about changing diapers AGAIN!  This mom is a pro.  She and her husband have their system down to a science; the feeding, diapering, burping, bathing rotation.  You think it's bad when one baby cries for an hour?  Try having four cry for an hour ... or four taking shifts to keep the air filled with howls for an entire afternoon!

Seafoam swings the chair a little vigorously ... I think I'd cry, too ...

So it's a lot of work, there's no denying that.  But try having four beautiful children laying on their playmat kicking and cooing and giggling after their afternoon feeding, in clean fresh diapers and tiny onesies.  One precious wee girl clinging to your finger and blinking dewy eyes with long curled lashes, three handsome little boys pounding a tattoo into your leg with miniature toes and laughing between hiccups.

Four babies swaddled in clean, sweet-smelling blankets, their eyelids drooping, drowsing off to sleep.  We debate occasionally - what do they dream about?  Bottles of milk?  Clean diapers?

Big brother is watching!

I think twins would be a snap, now ... it's all relative, right?

So we wash bottles, burp babies, talk women talk, and search every day for places to stay near where our husbands are based.  And the neighbor practices his trumpet.

Soaking up the sun,

Mrs H

P.S. The neighbor really does play trumpet ... it's kinda crazy.



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