Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait

Dear briskly bustling people who have lots to do,

Seafoam and I threw these yogurt parfaits together when we were still in Illinois, heading off to an early morning baking session with the mysterious Mrs S.  They are simple and scrumptious!

I especially love this treat after a workout session, or when I have to go somewhere early in the car - it's pretty portable!

Yogurt or protein smoothies are my favorite after-swim snack!
A clean locker is a happy locker.

Navy Wife Breakfast: Yogurt Parfait

Greek style plain yogurt
Chopped fruit or berries (I used Bartlett pears)

Fill a cup or bowl 1/3 with the Greek yogurt.  Drizzle with honey (more if you like it sweeter, less if you like it tangier).  Cover thickly with granola; top with fruit to fill the cup.


Bonus Yogurt Tip!

A delicious way to eat yogurt in the summer is to throw the single-serve containers in the freezer.  Frozen yogurt, anyone?

Here's to high-culture living,

Mrs H



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