Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Snacks in a Cup

Bonjour mon ami,

Sometimes one finds oneself cooking in a situation where one does not have a bowl, when one would normally be required. 

This is okay; no need to worry.  

We can always make do.  

Fill a cup with fruit and put it by each plate for a refreshing side-dish, perfect
for an outdoor summer dinner.    
Earlier, I illustrated for your humorous edification how to eat salad out of a skillet - the skillet was not hot, of course!  Always, always eat and serve food with style, no matter the circumstances! 

Back home, dinner goes outside on the patio for a balmy summer evening

Click to look closely at her face - and you will laugh when I tell you that she
had no idea my cousin was hiding there with the board ... 
Now, to the message of today.  

My dear Mr H loves himself a bowl of Jell-O, chock full of fruit.  Back home, I would make parfait cups filled with the wobbly treat and put them in the fridge, and he would eat them for a snack.  This method came in handy while living in a hotel, when we had no large bowls for Jell-O, anyway.   

We also had no real cups, so I used plastic ones.  I had a small pan to boil the water in, so I also used that pan to mix the Jell-O powder.  

Jell-O Cups 

1. Fill cups two-thirds with fruit: mixed berries, grapes, bananas, and other soft fruits cut into bite-size pieces.  Do not use highly acidic fruits such as pineapple, oranges or kiwi - the Jell-O will not set. 

2. Prepare Jell-O as instructed on the box.  To hasten the process, instead of cold water use ice cubes (one cup cold water = one cup ice cubes).  Pour the liquid Jell-O over the fruit to fill the cups. 

3. Let set until firm - enjoy!  To turn into a delightful dessert, top with whipped cream.  

Since I was using plastic cups, I used the ice-method mentioned above to make
sure the Jell-O did not melt through the cups! 
Bon appetit,

Mrs H



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